Russian Travel Voucher


  • If you are traveling to Russia as a tourist, you will need a Tourist Confirmation and Voucher (also known as Russian Visa Support) from a authorized Russian travel agency or hotel, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to apply for a visa to Russia for tourism.
  • The confirmation MUST have an Official Russian Company Registration Number and confirmation number. A Confirmation and Voucher from your hotel or travel agency in Russia is required for all Russian tourist visas. Your visa application processing cannot start until the Confirmation and Voucher has been issued and received, information from the document is needed to answer questions on the Russian online visa application form.


  • Travel Visa Plus is able to obtain a Confirmation and Voucher (Visa Support) document for you. Your visa processing cannot start until the Confirmation and Voucher have been issued. Typically within 12 Hours Monday - Friday.  Once completed you will receive an email from TVP confirming the issuance of your Confirmation and Voucher and a summary of the document information including the inviting organization name and address which is needed to complete your Russian online visa application form. You must have these details before the Russian Visa Application form can be completed. 
  • A copy of the Voucher and Confirmation should be carried with your passport and visa while you are traveling in Russia.
  • Single or Double Entry valid up to 30 days - $65 and Multiple Entry valid for 3 years - $100