• Submit your most recently issued passport.
  • The passport must have been issued less than 15 years ago.
  • The bearer must have reached their 16th birthday before the passport issue date.
  • The U.S. Passport Agency has introduced an online based application form, this online style application must be used in all expediting cases. Failure to use this online application may cause delays in processing times.
  • TIP: This online application has replaced (Hand Written) applications. YOU ARE NOT APPLYING ONLINE you are only completing the questions by typing them onto the application the U.S. State Department web site 'Wizard' will walk you through the application.
  • The last page of the application is a Print summary page, please scroll to the bottom left corner of this page and CLICK CREATE FORM you will then be able to print (single sided only) and sign (in blue or black ink only) your application.
  • Note: The application wizard will ask you to select fees, shipping and processing options. Select any options to complete the form, no payments will be made and options selected will have no effect on the actual service provided by Travel Visa Plus. The Wizard is simply designed to assist the general public in calculating fees for traditional mail in applications.
  • A correctly formatted application should have a BARCODE on the top left corner, and DS-82 printed on the bottom left of the application.
  • DS-82 application form (Click here).
  • To view a correctly formatted application form please (Click here).


  • One recent professional passport-type photograph.
  • Passport photo guide (Click here).
  • Non-passport photograph type are not acceptable.


  • Letter must have an original signature; faxes, scans, photocopies, etc. are not accepted by the United States Passport Agency.
  • Complete and sign authorization letter. 
  • Note:  Please generate your order with Travel Visa Plus and we will provide you with the (LOA) Letter of Authorization to complete your transaction.


  • Proof of departure (showing travel within two weeks or less), such as a photocopy of airline tickets, an airline or travel agent generated travel itinerary, or a letter from a customer's employer indicating urgent business travel, must be submitted with your application.
  • It is not required for the proof of departure to be purchased only that it will confirm your intentions.


  • If you are applying for a regular U.S. passport book only, please mark the box on your passport application next to (Passport Book). If you also want to apply for a U.S. passport card you should also mark the box next (Passport Card). There is an additional $30.00 (Adults) and $35.00 (Minors) U.S. government fee for the passport card, the U.S. passport cards cannot be expedited at this time and take approximately 2-3 weeks to be issued, the passport card will be processed separately from your regular passport book (in about 2-3 weeks) then mailed to you directly by first class mail from the U.S. Passport Agency.
  • The U.S. passport card increases speed and efficiency to meet the new travel requirements for land and sea border crossing of nearby countries.  An extra form of official government ID which will conveniently fit in your wallet. Use your passport card to travel by land or sea to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean without your bulky passport book. The passport card is valid for 10 years.


  • If you require Same Day 'Emergency' you must have an appointment to proceed. Please call Travel Visa Plus  so we may schedule an appointment with the U.S. Passport Agency on your behalf (A personal appearance at the US Passport Agency or Travel Visa Office is not required). Travel Visa Plus must receive your documents at least one business day prior to your appointment.
  • Call: 415-463-6266


  • Please note exactly what you will need within the (fees) section in sending us your passport application for processing.  Please forward all items requested to (Travel Visa Plus, 851 34th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121).  Please use a secured and traceable method when sending.  


  • Personal / Company Check (for regular processing only) (Simply use the manual TVP Order Form within the sites resources page)
  • Money Order / Cashiers Check  (Simply use the manual TVP Order Form within the sites resources page)
  • Credit Card / Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover (Click the green order form button and pay on-line)
  • All credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee


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