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Lost or Stolen Passport Fees:

GOVERNMENT FEE (to be sealed in envelope by Acceptance Agent):

  • $195 per applicant - Passport Book only
  • $225 per applicant - Passport Book and Passport Card
  • Please Note: All Consular Fees Above Include a $5 Check Writing Fee

SERVICE FEE (to be left outside the sealed envelope):

  • Rush $349 per applicant -  Up to 20-business days
  • Express $449 per applicant - Up to 15-business days
  • Priority $549 per applicant - Up to 10-business days
  • Emergency $649 per applicant - Up to 5-business days 

RETURN FEDEX EXPRESS (to be left outside the sealed envelope / only if you need shipped):

  • $51 FedEx 1 to 3 passports
  • $75 FedEx 4 to 6 passports or overweight package
  • $64  FedEx to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, or Saturday Delivery


  • $50.00 will be assessed for any application that has been put on suspense by the U.S. Department of State. Reasons for getting suspended can be but not limited to:
    • In-completed application or letter of authorization
    • Bad photos
    • Bad payment
    • Unacceptable proof of citizenship
    • Arrears in child support
    • Arrears in taxes
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