What is eVisa?

eVisa is short for electronic visa.  It is simply a visa that you can applied for through a country’s visa website. They are no different than other types of travel visas with the exception of limited validity. 

Do I need an eVisa?

Countries that currently offer eVisas include Australia, Turkey, Kenya, Canada, Myanmar, Uganda, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.  A few countries may offer a visa on arrival, but travelers usually feel more comfortable having the visa issued beforehand, as to to gain quick access without waiting in line.

How early do I need to apply for an eVisa?

In some cases, your eVisa will be approved within 24-hours. That means that you can apply for an eVisa any time before your upcoming trip.  Just keep in mind that your visa may expire within 60 days, so you don’t want to get it too far in advance.  Contact TVP to determine the logistics. You should also keep in mind that eVisa websites can sometimes be finicky. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you need to obtain an eVisa within a matter of hours, because you might run out of luck.

I need help getting started. What can I do?

The team here at Travel Visa Plus is always happy to help you apply for an eVisa.  Just contact our team and let us know your travel destination.